2012 - No. 3

Small Business Responsiveness and Organizational Culture in the Context of a Developing Economy

Michael Stoica, Liviu Florea, Edit Lukacs

Achieving the next level of Growth through Competitive Intelligence Practices: An Exploratory Study of Romanian Offshore Technology Service Providers

Mukta Samtani, Alexandru Capatina

Analysis of Transport Processes Management for a Romanian Food Market

Maria Neagu, George Duda

Financial Risk Study of the Construction Sector Smes

Nicoleta Barbuta-Misu

Using Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Development

Aurel Gabriel Simionescu, Mariana Carmelia Dragomir

Connection between Job Motivation, Job Satisfaction and Work Performance in Romanian Trade Enterprises

Dina Maria Lut

Looking for Tourism Legacy for the Future: Social and Cultural Dimensions

Camelia Surugiu, Marius-Razvan Surugiu

An Integrated Conceptual Environment based on Collective Intelligence and Distributed Artificial Intelligence for Connecting People on Problem Solving

Vasile Mazilescu

Investments in Human Capital in Romania

Florentina Moisescu, Madalina Cosmina Manole, Cristina Georgiana Dascaleanu

The Traceability and Safety of Fishery Products

Gheorghe Adrian Zugravu, Ionica Soare

Subsystem Strategy Setting for Iran Local Market: Benchmarking Approach

Seyed Mohammad Fateminejad, Fatemeh Bagheri, Hannan Amuzadeh Mehdiraji, Reza Ghaffaritabar

The Role of the Continuous Variables Indices in the Life -Testing Research

Gabriela Opait