Assessing the Non-Financial Predictors of the Success and Failure of Young Firms in the Netherlands

Ghislain Houben, Willem Bakker, Philip Vergauwen

The Employment – Productivity – Salary Relation, a Condition for Achieving Long - Term Economic Growth

Mihai Chirila

The Eludation of a Critic on the Core-Periphery Model - The analytic solution

Viorica Puscaciu, Florin Dan Ppuscaciu

How to Improve the Self-employment System: Some European Experiences

Daniela Sarpe, Mihaela Neculita

Analysis of the Hecksher-Ohlin Model

Mihaela-Carmen Muntean

Risk and Economic Growth

Radu Stroe

Particularities in the Field of the Analysis of Investment Efficiency in Hidroameliorative Improvements

Florin Marian Buhociu, Florina Virlanuta

Tax Evasion and Money Laundering–Ways of Evading the Payment of the State Budget Liabilities

Constantin Afanase

Importance of Delivery Conditions in the External Price Calculation

Violeta Isai, Riana Iren Radu

The Role and the Limits of the Financial and Economic Analysis in Modern Economy

Ema Masca

Prescriptive Model for the Strategic Decision-Making Processes from the Romanian Enterprises

Răzvan Stefanescu

Tax Competition regarding Foreign Direct Investment between Transition European Countries

Ramona Dumitriu

Financial Performance Evolutions of Textile Sector Enterprises

Nicoleta Barbuta-Misu

The Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Angela Eliza Micu, Adrian Micu

American Accounting

Mihaela-Cristina Onica

Six Sigma-A New Approach of Quality

Maria Nicolai, Sofia Totolici

The Ecologic Production – a Prioritary Need in the Romanian Food Industry

Maria Nicolai

Marketing Innovation Through Price

Adrian Micu, Angela-Eliza Micu

The Role of the Preventative Management in the Administration of Romanian Organizations’ Image

Nicoleta Cristache

Advertising between Rules and Creativity

Irina Susanu

Pattern Matching in Models

Cristian Georgescu

How Visio 2003 can Influence Information Technology – Creating UML Models

Adrian Lupasc

The Informational System for Resourses Administration in Fish Farms

Adrian Zugravu

Common Language Created by Legislation Regarding the Teritorial Limit of the Production Vine Wine Potential of Romania

Ionica Soare

Tourism Development Perspectives in the Putna – Vrancea Nature Park

Gina Craescu

Mutations in the Tourist Turning to Account of the Natural Science Museum Complex of Galati Municipality

Iulian Adrian Sorcaru

Some Conceptual Properties for Knowledge Management Systems Design

Vasile Mazilescu

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July 2024

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