2021 - No. 3

Financial Globalisation and the Performance of Nigerian Deposit Money Bank
Alade Olajide RAJI, Rasheed Adegboyega AFOLABI, Titilayo Abiodun OSINUGA

How Ecologically Conscious are Millennials? A Study of Young Consumers
Karamcheti BHARGAVI, Gupta MEGHA, Sharma KIRAN

The Paradigm of Financing the Health Services from the Hospital Healthcare under the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Valentin Marian ANTOHI

Cluster Analysis on the Unemployment Rate during Lockdown Period
Ludmila-Daniela MANEA, Iulian Adrian SORCARU

JSON Data and Relational Data Integration in Oracle
Gianina MIHAI

Applied Managerial Communication: Comments from the Perspective of Transactional Analysis

Use of Unified Modeling Language in the Development of Object-Oriented Information Systems

Financing Political Parties and Electoral Campaigns in Romania – Challenges for Professional Accountants
Iuliana Oana MIHAI, Riana Iren RADU

Developments and Trends in the International Trade in Goods in the Republic of Moldova
Valentina BUTMALAI, Alina Florentina SARACU

The Statistical Worldwide Savour of the Coffee’s Aroma
Gabriela OPAIT

Time Horizons Management within Corporate Strategies
Daniel RUSU

Organization of Economic Activities in the Public Domain in the Post-Covid 19 Period
Iulia MANDRU, Alina Florentina SARACU

The Tropical Fruits’s Statistical Planet
Gabriela OPAIT

Machine Learning for Dynamic Pricing in e-Commerce
Maria Cristina ENACHE

Analysis of the Main Indicators on Romania's Public Debt in the Period 2015-2020
Ioana LAZARESCU, Viorica IOAN, Andreea DABIJA

Traditional Moldovan Products in the Context of European Quality Schemes. Achievements and Perspectives
Vitalii ZANET, Silvius STANCIU

Corporate Governance and Internal Audit at Société Générale Group and ING Group

Innovation Marketing - a Consequence of Business Competitiveness
Nicoleta CRISTACHE, Andreea Valentina BUSILA, Carmen OPRIT MAFTEI

Impact of Television Advertising on the Impulse to Purchase Over-the-Counter Medicine
Maria-Cristina STEFAN, Violeta-Andreea ANDREIANA, Irina Antoaneta TĂNĂSESCU, Georgiana STOICA

Education as the Main Entry Point in a Digitally Transformed Future of Work
Lavinia-Andreea GRUIA, Alexandru ROJA, Nicolae BIBU, Marian NASTASE

Comparative Analysis of Advertisements - Catena Pharmacy Vs. Sensiblu Pharmacy
Violeta-Andreea ANDREIANA, Georgiana STOICA, Dorin IANCU, Irina Antoaneta TĂNĂSESCU

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July 2024

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