2024 - No 1

ICT, Income Inequality and Economic Growth Nexus in South Africa
Mercy T. Musakwa, Odhiambo Nicholas. M

Forecasting Volatility Spillovers Using Advanced GARCH Models: Empirical Evidence for Developed Stock Markets from Austria and USA
Bharat Kumar Meher, Puja Kumari, Ramona Birau, Cristi Spulbar, Abhishek Anand, Ion Florescu

Evaluation and Management of Risk Situations
Alexandrina Brinza, Ioana Lazarescu, Viorica Ioan, Angelica Stratulat

The Role of Financial Audit in the Corporate Governance Process: An In-depth Analysis
Hussein Ali Mroueh

Inflation Dynamics in Burundi: Challenges and Potential Solutions
Deogratius Wenceslaus Kimolo, Nicholas Odhiambo, Sheilla Nyasha

The Impact of Psychological and COVID-19 Pandemic Stress on People Involved in the Agricultural Industry
Gangu Naidu Mandala, Narayani Ramachandran

Budgets and Performance Metrics in Modern Organizations. Preliminary Insights into the Budgeting Process of Higher Education Institutions
Mihai-Alexandru Ghigiu

The European Perspective on the Digitization of Cultural Heritage
Grigore-Teodor Samoila, Alina Samoila

Personalizing Shopping Experiences with Headless Commerce
Maria Cristina Enache

Features and Benefits of Document Management Systems
Ileana Hauer, Mirela Aurora Valceanu

The Management of Conflicts
Ancuta-Loredana Cărăuș

Determinants of Financial Performance for the Clothing Industry: A Romanian Approach
Teodora Maria Suciu

The Impact of Digital Communication on the Efficiency of the Activity of Civil Servants
George-Alexandru Istrate, Constantin Popescu

Foreign Direct Investment and International Trade in the Western Balkans-6 Countries: An Empirical Analysis
Vigan Disha, Besnik Fetai

From Digitization to Artificial Intelligence in Capitalizing on Cultural Heritage
Grigore-Teodor Samoila, Alina Samoila, Teodora-Nicoleta Plesa

The Implications of Digitization for Sustainable Competitiveness
Geanina Colan, Monica Răducan, Aura Colan, Alexandru Sebastian Chihaia, Sabin Murariu, Ionica Ivan

Understanding Food Consumption Patterns: An Analysis of Regional Disparities and Socio-Economic Factors in Moldova
Nicolae Mocanu, Mihaela Pila, Silvius Stanciu

The Impact of Conceiving an Empirical ESP Course on Undergraduate Engineering Students: A Case Study at Ovidius University of Constanta
Ionela Ionitiu

Towards Building Artificial Intelligence Literacy with E-learning - An Exploratory Study
Marian Stan, Alina Florentina Saracu, Ecaterina Milica Dobrota

Approaches to the Impact of Non-Performing Loans on the Romanian Economy
Costinela Fortea, Monica Laura Zlati, Valentin Marian Antohi

The Journey to a Sustainable Economy. Accounting and Auditing for Long-Term Performance
Alis Elena Petricică (Vintilă), Angelica Buboi (Dănăilă)

The World-Famous Fragrance of the Wine in Statistical Vision
Gabriela Opait

A Comprehensive Overview of Deep Learning for Algorithmic Pricing in Ride-Sharing Platforms
Mioara Chirita, George Chirita

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July 2024

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