2023 - No 2

The Distribution of Relative Demand and Relative Supply Shocks for Managers Across the U.S. Economy
P. Michael KOSICEK, Ramesh SONI, David YERGER

Fiscal Sustainability – A Review on Pension System

Case Study of Smart City Development in Romania
Laurenţiu-Nicolae PRICOPE, Valentin-Marian ANTOHI, Romeo-Victor IONESCU, Dragos-Sebastian CRISTEA, Alina MECA, Monica-Laura ZLATI

Analyzing Performance of Indian Public Sector Banks using CAMEL Approach
Kumari PUJA, Meher Kumar BHARAT, Ramona BIRAU, Kumar NARENDRA, Robert Dorin FILIP, Sunil KUMAR

Jordan Companies’ Trustworthiness through Foreign Business Partners’ Lens
Sufyan QUDAH, Alexandru CAPATINA, Mihaela CAPATINA

The Development of the Social Economy in Europe in the Context of the Global Economic Crisis
Alina MECA, Valentin-Marian ANTOHI, Romeo-Victor IONESCU, Dragos Sebastian CRISTEA, Laurenţiu-Nicolae PRICOP, Monica Laura ZLATI

The Role of Decision Optimization in Urban Transport Management

Quantifying Long-Term Volatility for Developed Stock Markets: An Empirical Case Study Using PGARCH Model on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
Kumar SANTOSH, Meher Kumar BHARAT, Ramona BIRAU, Mircea Laurentiu SIMION, Anand ABHISHEK, Singh MANOHAR

Interdependence of Key Climate Change Concepts: A Bibliometric Analysis
Florentina CHIȚU, Andra Nicoleta MECU, Gheorghe HURDUZEU, Georgiana Ionela MARIN, Liviu Andrei TOADER

Analysis of the Impact of Environmental, Social and Governance Factors on the Performance of Firms
Florian IANCU, Ciprian MATIȘ, Cosmin MATIȘ

Naira Digitalization and Financial Stability of Selected Deposit Money Bank in Nigeria: Are Nigeria Bank Ready?
Segun Kamoru FAKUNMOJU

Do Methane Gas Prices Interact with Stock Indices?
Nicoleta BĂRBUȚĂ-MIȘU, Teodor HADA, Iulia Cristina IUGA, Dorin WAINBERG

Strategies for Effective Marketing in Artistic Education: A Case Study for Promoting a Faculty of Arts
Vincentziu PUȘCAȘU

Organizational Learning as a Critical Factor in Accessing the Erasmus+ Sport Program
Anca-Maria IONESCU, Monica STĂNESCU, Francesco FRANCESCHETTI, Andrea CELANI, Kamer-Ainur AIVAZ

Python for e-Commerce
Maria Cristina ENACHE

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Marketing Services
Alina-Florentina SĂRACU, Irina Olimpia SUSANU

The Effect of Assortative Mating on Wealth Inequality, why do the Rich Choose the Rich?
Arabela ICHIM, Mihaela NECULIȚĂ, Carmen GHELASE, Daniela Ancuța ȘARPE

Technology Transfer – Bibliometric Analysis of Scientific Articles in the Web of Science
Ionut Marius CROITORU, Cosmin Alexandru SPIRIDON, Florin Ionut BRATILOVEANU, Andrei Constantin Ioan ARLET, Romanita JUMANCA

Bibliometric Approaches in Tourism Management: Integrating Ecotourism, Sustainable Development, Protected Areas and the Coastal Zone
Kamer-Ainur AIVAZ, Stefania-Rodica HUBEL (ANGHEL)

The Impact of Sustainable Policy on Financial Performance in the Romanian Banking System
Carmen GHELASE, Mihaela NECULIȚĂ, Arabela ICHIM

Theoretical Management Enterprise Model in Global Market. Profitability and Rentability
Ștefania Mariana VOICU

Evaluating the Implementation of Administrative Capacity Enhancement Projects in Romania: The Multidimensional Role of POCA (2014-2020)
Mari-Isabella STAN, Tănase TASENȚE

Regulation of Digital Currencies in Terms of Examining the Available Policies and Regulations and the Development of Models Adequate for Protecting the Users and Preventing Illegal Activities
Artur UCOLOV, Alina-Florentina SĂRACU

Analysis of Green Investment Efficiency. A Model for Future Economic Sustainability Development
Ștefania Mariana VOICU

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July 2024

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