2020 - No 3

The Role of CLOUD in FinTech and RegTech
Dubey Vivek, Sonar Rakesh, Rohit S. Walimbe, Anindya Mohanty

Impact of Sharing Economy Models on Energy Efficiency – Analysis of Ridesharing at European Level
Florin Pucheanu, Alexandru-Mihai Bugheanu, Ruxandra Dinulescu

Facts About Ski Tourism. The Case of Ski Resorts in Romania and Bulgaria
Razvan Tiberiu Radu, Iulian Adrian Sorcaru

Distance Learning, a Case Study in Higher Education in Timisoara, Romania
Ileana Hauer

Comparison between Relational and NoSQL Databases
Gianina Mihai

Gender Payment Disparities in the European Union
Raluca Parjoleanu

Agro Software Development in South - East Region
Daniela Lavinia Balasan, Florin Marian Buhociu

Strategic Options for Improved Organizational Performance in the Nigerian Telecommunication Industry: Miles and Snow Approach
Waidi Adeniyi Akingbade

Tax Evasion - Generating and Complementary Effect of the Shadow Economy
Ioana Lazarescu, Viorica Ioan, Costinela Fortea

Challenges and Solutions in Management Accounting - Implementation of Target Costing in the Industry of Equipment Production
Violeta Maria Isai, Cristina Geru

Perspectives on Leadership in Times of Crisis
Raluca Parjoleanu

Cloud Migration and Global Digitalization of Business Models
Vasile Mazilescu

Effects of Financial Market Variables on Stock Prices on the Example of the Market Rates of the Listed Companies: A Review of the Literature
Mihaela Cristina Onica

The Electric Cars, a „Tsunami” of Temptations for the Lovers of Speed
Gabriela Opait

Aggregate Presentation of the Financial-Banking System in Romania and France
Viorica Ioan, Ioana Lazarescu, Cristina Garstea

Some Aspects Regarding the Transhumance of the Romanian Beekeepers, Members of the Black Sea Basin Network
Ionica Soare

Socio-Economic Analysis and Strategies of Sustainable Rural Development in Romania
Alina Florentina Saracu, Maria Smochina

Control of the Activity through Budgeting - the Case of the Construction Companies
Violeta Maria Isai, Flavian Cireasa

Annual Accounting Reports - Information Source on the Assessment of the Financial Performance of the Economic Entity. Case Study: The Pharmaceutical Industry
Mihaela Cristina Onica

The Vision of the Trigonometry in the Monitoring of the Dynamics Concerning the Artificial Intelligence Phenomenons, through Matrix Analysis
Gabriela Opait 

Consumers’ Preferences of Winter Tourist Packages in Romania: A Quantitative Case Study
Ioan Bogdan Bacos, Manuela Rozalia Gabor

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July 2024

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