2013 - No. 2

Strategic Investment and Trade in an Oligopolistic Setting

Ioana Veronica ALEXA, Simona Valeria TOMA, Daniela Ancuţa ŞARPE

Economic Issues in the Wind Energy Development at World and European Level

Dana Elena HOLBAN, Angela Eliza MICU, Costin SORICI

Analysis of Satisfaction Degree of the Public Insurance System Beneficiaries

Manuela PANAITESCU, Angela Eliza MICU, Costin SORICI

The Economic Crisis – Meanings and Significations Causes and Solutions

Doinita CAZAN (ZAFIU), Alina Florentina CUCOS (SARACU)

Opportunities to Improve the Competitiveness of Romanian Organizations


European integration, financial resources and the absorption of European funds

in Central and Eastern European Countries

Valentin NECULITA, Daniela Ancuţa ŞARPE, Mihaela NECULITA

Analysis of Performance Measures in the Banking System

Angelica STRATULAT, Viorica IOAN

The Financing of Water Supply and Sewerage Services in Romania

Alina Florentina CUCOS, Nicolae Viorel TRIF, Doinita CAZAN

Analysis of Overnight ROBOR Interbank Interest Rate Recorded in October 2008

Using a Correlational Mathematical Model

Ramona Mariana CALINICA

Models to Assess the Bankruptcy Risk

Simona Valeria TOMA, Ioana Veronica ALEXA, Daniela Ancuţa ŞARPE

EU Strategy for Building a Knowledge-based Economy. Ambitious Targets vs.

Effective Achievements

Danut Tiberius EPURE, Dorinela NANCU, Alexandra IONESCU

The Impact of Communication in Job Satisfaction: an Empirical Investigation within Romanian Companies

Danut Tiberius EPURE, Alexandra IONESCU, Dorinela NANCU

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July 2024

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