2009 - No.1

Developing the Tourist Market through the Exploitation of the Typical Products

Vincenzo Asero, Sebastiano Patti

The Perspectives and the Opportunity of Evaluation from the Angle of the Relation Evaluation – Accounting – Reporting

Ligia Antonescu, Mihail Antonescu, Marian Siminca

The Role and Efficiency of Internet Banking in Romania

Florin Marian Buhociu, Florina Virlanuta, Liliana Mihaela Moga

Tourism Development and the ‘Hidden’ Phenomenon

Vincenzo Asero

Automated Web Applications Testing

Alexandru Dan Caprita

Human Capital and Romania’s Perspective in the EU

Mihai Chirilă

Elearning Technologies

Maria Cristina Enache

The Reflection of the Governmental Subsidies According to IAS 20 in Accountancy

Violeta Isai

New Valences for the Financial-Accounting System

Adrian Lupasc, Ioana Lupasc, Cristina Gabriela Zamfir

A Business Process Management System based on a General Optimum Criterion

Vasile Mazilescu, Daniela Şarpe, Mihaela Neculita, Angela Eliza Micu

A Study of Key Management for Encrypted Storage in Storage Area Network

Hai Xin Lu

Analysis of the Financial Equilibrium on the Building Sector - Case of Romania

Nicoleta Bărbuţă-Mişu

Acknowledging and Accounting for Employee Benefits

Florentina Moisescu, Iuliana Mihai

The Knowledge Economy

Mihaela-Carmen Muntean, Costel Nistor, Ludmila Daniela Manea

Land Reform and Farm Land Rental Market Operation in the Northern Uplands of Vietnam

Nguyen Trung Thanh

Using Design Patterns in Education and Tutoring for the Software Systems Projects in Economic

Cornelia Novac-Ududec

Towards a Humanistic Conception of Cyberspace. A Twofold Challenge for Netizens Mobilizing for a Democratic Internet Governance

Elena Pavan, Max Senges, Konstantinos Komaitis

Implementing the Open Method of Co-ordination in Pensions

Jarosław Poteraj

The Anachronism of the Local Public Accountancy Determinate by the Accrual European Model

Riana Iren Radu, Eduard Ionescu

Fixed-term Contracts, Transitions and Wage Growth: Evidence from Spain

Antonio Caparrós Ruiz, Mª Lucía Navarro Gómez

The Dualistic Model of European Agriculture: a Theoretical Framework for the Endogenous Development

Antonio Sortino, Margherita Chang Ting Fa

Brand Loyalty: Impact of Cognitive and Affective Variables

Mourad Touzani, Azza Temessek

A Framework for Secure and Survivable Wireless Sensor Networks

Mi Chaw Mon Thein, Thandar Thein

The Butterfly Effect on the Agricultural Bank System at the Grass-Roots Level

Xu Qinxian, Zhang Jian

Modelling and Financing of Agri-environmental Measures: Assessment of Regional Preferences in Poland

Jadwiga Ziolkowska

Promotion Strategy Specific to Organizations Participating in “Back to School” Program

Irina Susanu, Nicoleta Cristache, Sofia David, Liljana Elmazi, Alexandru Nedelea

Theories and Methods of Assessment that have Influenced International Practices

Cristina Mihaela Onica, Lucian Domniteanu

Economic Analysis of Agricultural Investments

Adrian Zugravu, Liliana Mihaela Moga

The Geometrycal Interpretation of the Relations between the Laspeyres, Paasche, Fisher and Drobisch Indexes and a New Presentation of the Bortkiewicz Relation

Gabriela Opait

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