2023 - No 1

Assessing Volatility Patterns using GARCH Family Models: A Comparative Analysis Between the Developed Stock Markets in Italy and Poland
Cristi SPULBAR, Ramona BIRAU, Jatin TRIVEDI, Mircea Laurentiu SIMION, Rachana BAID

Perceived Attitude of Youth Towards Cryptocurrency Investment: A Case Study for India
Sharan Kumar SHETTY, Cristi SPULBAR, Ramona BIRAU, Mircea Laurentiu SIMION

Effects of Systematically Approach of People Development Programs in Automotive Industry. A Case Study
Sebastian CANDEA, Manuela Rozalia GABOR

Labor Costs in Agriculture: Brief Analysis of the Romanian Sector
Beatrice-Simona MANOLACHE, Silviu-Cristian SIMIONESCU, Mihaela PILA, Silvius STANCIU

Learning Trends for Modern Learners
Maria-Cristina ENACHE

The Impact of Digital Self-Development among Generation Z. A Theoretical Approach
Brîndușa Mariana BEJAN

Macro Analysis of Foreign Exchange Markets of Afghanistan: Retrospect and Prospect
Imran ALAM, Nitesh THAKUR, Abdul Basir Omar Shah KHAIL

A Comparative Analysis Between Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Entrepreneurship
Lucia DURAC, Liliana Mihaela MOGA, Ionica SIMBANU, Daniel TECU

Customer Behaviour towards Corporate Social Responsibility: A Study in the Banking Industry in Mauritius
Leenshya GUNNOO

Secondary Health Care Service Quality and patients’ Satisfaction in Ogun state, Nigeria
Shodiya Olayinka ABIDEEN, Raji Olajide ALADE, Al’Hassan-Ewuoso HADIR OLASUNKANMI

Data Analysis in e-Commerce
Maria-Cristina ENACHE

Mechanism of Cryptocurrencies-Accounting Ideas of Virtual Currencies
Violeta Maria ISAI, Mihai Aurelian IRIMIA

The Statistical Modelling Regarding the Future of the Diamonds’s Land
Gabriela OPAIT

Management and Leadership in the School Organization, for a Significantly Improved Quality of Public Education Services

Study on the Implementation of Transactions with Virtual Currencies in the Fiscal Field
Mihai Aurelian IRIMIA, Violeta Maria ISAI

The Struggle of Traditional Banking System in a New Era of Artificial Intelligence
Carmen GHELASE, Mihaela NECULITA, Arabela ICHIM

The Seductive Chocolate Tastes in Statistical International Projection
Gabriela OPAIT

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April 2024

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