2012 - No. 1

The Influence of the Economic Growth Process on Romanian Employment

Emilia Herman

Foreign Owned Companies and Financial Performance. A Case Study on Companies Listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange

Iuliana Oana Mihai

Knowledge Analysis in Terms of Representation, Processing based Mobilisation and Distribution

Vasile Mazilescu

Analysis of the Behavior Mergermarket in the Conditions the Financial Crisis

Petr Valouch, Jaroslav Sedláček, Alois Konečný

Corporate Governance within Financial Institutions: Asset or Liability?

Dan Chirlesan, Marius Constantin Apostoaie

European Administrative Cooperation in the Field of Taxation

Florin Tudor

The Assessment of Hedge Effectiveness

Cristina Bunea-Bontaş

Analysis of the Tax Burden in Romania based on the Laffer Curve in the Period 1991-2009

Gabriela Dobrota, Maria Felicia Chirculescu

A Study on Accounting Standards with Regards to Financial Instruments

Diana Cozma Ighian

Quantification Methods of Management Skills in Shipping

Riana Iren Radu

Measuring the Effects of Human Capital on Growth in the Case of Romania

Olimpia Neagu

Innovative Agro-food Technologies Implementation through Instructional Communication Mechanisms

Gianita Bleoju

Development of the International Trade in Terms of Incoterms 2010 Rules

Lucia Paliu-Popa

Opportunity Analysis for Developing a Micropayment System in Local Area Networks

Cristian Georgescu

Products Positioning on a Heterogeneous Market

Liviu Neamtu, Adina-Claudia Neamtu

Anti-crisis Politics Assumed by Some Governs from Euro Area

Mioara Chirita, Simona Toma, Daniela Sarpe

The use of Ternary Diagrams in the Analysis and the Mathematical Modeling of Bank Assets Structure

Ramona Mariana Calinica, Daniel Calinica

Dynamic and Topicality in Romanian Scientific Publishing

Sorin-Ciprian Teiusan, Ioana Calean

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July 2024

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