2023 - No 3

The Asymmetric Impact of Oil Price Volatility on Nigeria's Inflation
Bello Abdullahi MUHAMMAD, Muhammad Shehu SHUAIBU, Mohammad Junaid ALAM, Lawan Nasiru SALISU

Analysis of Financial Quality Reporting Submitted by Internal Audit Controlling Systems
Ştefania Mariana VOICU

Emergence of Covid-19 Pandemic, Its Measurement and the Operations of Deposit Money Banks from Nigeria Perspectives
Waidi Adeniyi AKINGBADE

Integration of Digital Currency in the Financial Sector through Examining its Potential in the Existing Financial System. Challenges and Opportunities
Alina-Florentina SĂRACU, Artur UCOLOV

An Analysis of the Political Parties Evolution in the Parliamentary Elections in Romania
Andi MIHALACHE, Ecaterina Cornelia UNGUREANU, Liliana Mihaela MOGA

Investigating Volatility Dynamics of the Portugal Stock Market using FIGARCH Models
Santosh KUMAR, Bharat Kumar MEHER, Ramona BIRAU, Abhishek ANAND, Mircea Laurentiu SIMION

Commodities Shocks and Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Africa: Does Resource Status Matter?

The Value of Consulting Services for Achieving High Levels of Performance within European Funded Projects
Madalin DARIE, Alexandru CAPATINA, George Cristian SCHIN, Angela-Eliza MICU, Adrian MICU

The Role of Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Environmental Degradation in Asian Countries
Durdana Qaiser GILLANI, Muhammad Zahid NAEEM, Syed Muhammad Irtaza Haider KIRMANI, Ramona BIRAU, Petre Valeriu NINULESCU

Lecturers’ Entrepreneurial Skills and University Undergraduate Students’ Entrepreneurial Start-up Intention in Lagos State
Waidi Adeniyi AKINGBADE

Research Regarding the Financing of the Revitalization Process for Rural Space in the Context of Sustainable Challenges
Mădălina Ioana MONCEA, Mihaela MINCIU, Răzvan Cătălin DOBREA, Loredana Gabriela DINULESCU

An Empirical Approach for Optimizing the Production Structure of a Farm Using the Linear Programming Model
Leonida Emilia BACIU, Vincențiu VEREȘ, Maria MORTAN, Angela-Eliza MICU

Green Investments: Opportunities for Sustainable Economic Growth
Cristina DIMA, Florina BRAN, Carmen-Valentina RADULESCU

Digitalization in Romania in the Context of Economic Changes
Stefan PRAHOVEANU, Violeta SIMA, Ileana Georgiana GHEORGHE

The Relevance of Physical-Geographical Studies in the Substantiation of a Local Development Strategy – A Practical Application in the Cudalbi Commune of Galați County, Romania

Neuromanagement – A New Oportunity for the Romanian Business Environment

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted Tourism and Tourist Behaviour. A Perspective on Typologies of New Consumers
Constantina-Alina MILOS, Andreea-Daniela MORARU

Reputation: A Systematic Literature Review and Bibliometric Analysis
Anamaria MISA

The Potential of Natural Language Technology in Transforming Educational Processes

Assessing the CFO'S Perspective on IFRS 15 Implementation
Monica-Laura ZLATI, Cristina Gabriela COSMULESE

Analysis of the Impact of Barriers on the Careers of Women Managers and Entrepreneurs
Nicoleta CRISTACHE, Ionica IVAN, Alexandru-Sebastian CHIHAIA, Adriana MATEI, Tiberius-Iustinian STANCIU

Walnut Economy Promotion: A Case Study of Kapisa Province, Afghanistan
Imran ALAM, Hannah HAMEED, Abdul Basir Omar Shah KHAIL

The Layout of the Statistical Forecasts Regarding the Fight Against of the Chaos’s Vectors from the Space Geometry of the Illegal Drugs
Gabriela OPAIT

NFTs in Education
Maria Cristina ENACHE

Factors Underlying the Choice of a Tourist Destination

Impact of Free Zones on Economic Performance: A Case Study of the Republic of Moldova
Alexandru GHENCEA, Vitalii ZANET, Silvius STANCIU

Ensuring Food Safety: Legislation, Recalls, Withdrawals, and Consumer Protection Measures in Romania
Iuliana CONDULET, Simona Beatrice MANOLACHE, Mihaela PILA, Silvius STANCIU

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April 2024

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