2022 - No 3

The Implications of Digital Marketing on Business Performance
Oana PRICOPOAIA, Adrian MICU, Irina Olimpia SUSANU

A Dynamic Analysis of Economic Crime in Europe: The Role of the European Institutions in the Prevention of Economic Crimes in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Iulia-Oana FLOREA, Kamer-Ainur AIVAZ

Computerized Administration of the Minimis Expenses within Projects with European Funds

The Connection between Responsible Behavior Regarding Recycling and Spirituality as a Higher level of the Individual
Cristian Bogdan ONETE, Sandra Diana CHIȚA, Sonia BUDZ, Stefan SAVA, Ioana BUCUR-TEODORESCU

Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Economy in the Current Context
Alexandra-Andreea BRATU, Alina-Gabriela PRICOPIE (MARES)

Analysis of the Energy Status in Romania from the Sustainable Development Perspective in the Current Geopolitical Context
Costinela FORTEA, Monica-Laura ZLATI, Valentin-Marian ANTOHI, Romeo-Victor IONESCU, Dragos-Sebastian CRISTEA

Data Management in Unemployment and Education in the Field of B&A for Women
Constantin ILIE, Margareta ILIE, Ionut ANTOHI

Sentiment Analysis with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
Maria-Cristina ENACHE

Effects of Monetary Policy on Financial Inclusion: An Empirical Evidence from Nigeria
Alade Raji OLAJIDE, Adegboyega Abdul Rasheed AFOLABI, Abiodun Osinuga TITILAYO

The Global Liveability Index and Smart Cities across Europe
Laurențiu Nicolae PRICOPE

The Role of Social Studies Concerning Population Options in Substantiating Urban Master Plan Solutions. A Case Study in Babadag Town, Romania

Analysis of the Evolution of the Budget Deficit in Romania between 2017 and 2021
Ramona Mariana CĂLINICĂ

Regionalization of Online Shopping, Product Listings and Logistics Management in the Digital Economy

Impact of European Union Social Policy during Pandemic on Household Income

The Dimension of the Phenomenon of Economic Crime. A Hierarchical Classification of EU Countries at the Level of 2021
Iulia-Oana FLOREA, Kamer-Ainur AIVAZ

An IT Solution for the Recruitment of Human Resources in Telework Mode
Adrian LUPASC, Andrei-Ioan BURLAN

Comparative Analysis of Management Models in European and Non-European States
Tincuta VRABIE, Monica RADUCAN, Nicoleta CRISTACHE, Ciprian MATIS, Cosmin MATIS, Irina Antoaneta TANASESCU

Analysing the Impact of e-Banking and Socio-Demographic Factors on Customer Satisfaction with Banking Services using Graphical Visualization
Andreea-Daniela MORARU, Margareta ILIE

A Stochastic Maximum Principle and Cox, Ingersoll, Ross Interest Rate Model for an Optimal Investment under Partial Information

Prediction of Business Bankruptcy with the Help of Extreme Gradient Increase
Catalin-Emanuel CIOBOTA, Manuela-Violeta TUREATCA

The Japanese Statistical Perfume of the Cherry Blossoms
Gabriela OPAIT

Sustainable Development through Eco-Innovation at the EU 27 Level
Silviu BACALUM, Florina Oana VIRLANUTA, Andrei MIHĂILESCU, Marian MIHU

The Dynamics of Inflation in Romania and Possible Ways to Combat It
Ramona Mariana CĂLINICĂ

The Determining Factors of Work Motivation for the Generations of Employees
Alexandra IOSIFESCU Constanta POPESCU

Current Aspects in the Management of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Pregnancy
Tiberiu-Ioan MIHALACHE, Elena-Roxana MATACHE, Nicoleta-Maricica MAFTEI, Diana-Andreea CIORTEA, Sorin Ion BERBECE

Management Therapeutic Aspects in Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Children
Alexandru Paul BACIU, Carmen GAVRILA, Diana-Andreea CIORTEA, Ginel BACIU

The Statistical Incursion in the Milk’s Galaxy
Gabriela OPAIT

Training of Teaching Staff in School Units in Dambovita County

Funding the Educational System and the Quality of the Public Educational Services in Romania - A Literature Review
Nicusor DIACONU, Irina Antoaneta TANASESCU, Melania-Andreea DIACONU (STANCIULESCU)

Fisheries and Aquaculture in Romania. Market Overview
Mihaela PILA, Silvius STANCIU

Analysis of Investment Funds from BRD, BT, BCR and ING Banks
Viorica IOAN, Ioana LAZARESCU, Marinica PIRLOG

The Territorial Structure of Loans in Lei, by Destination, Granted to Non-Bank Clients in Romania in 2021
Ioana LAZARESCU, Viorica IOAN, Marinica PIRLOG

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