2009 - No. 2

Impact of certification on fruit producers in the Sao Francisco Valley in Brazil

Andréa Cristina Dörr, Ulrike Grote

Emotions Management within Organizations

Alina Maria Andrieş

The Investment Potential and Risks proper to Investment Activity within the Economy of Republic of Moldova

Rodica Hîncu, Ana Suhovici, Mariana Bunu, Ana Gumovschi, Daniela Dascaliuc

Internationalization of SME’s in the Context of the Economic Crises

Ionica Holban (Oncioiu), Florin Razvan Oncioiu

Interactions of Organizational Culture and Collaboration in Working and Learning

Ioan Pastor

On the Relationship between Export Activity and Size

Jesús Arteaga Ortiz

The Effects of Economic Crisis on the Global Travel Management Companies

Constanţa Enea

The Financial Structure Influence on the Cost of Capital and Enterprise Value

Nicoleta Bărbuţă-Mişu

An approach for the evaluation of rural governance in Cameroon: are community forests really forests for the communities?

Hilaire Nkengfack, Claude Njomgang, Daniela Sarpe

The Impact of Economic Crisis on Direct Foreign Investments

Lucia Ramona Popa

Operating Cash Surplus Determinations

Teodor Hada

The Role of Marketing in Adult Permanent Vocational Training in the Context of the Current Economy

Geanina Colan, Claudia Anita Petcu

New Research Perspectives in the Emerging Field of Computational Intelligence to Economic Modeling

Vasile Mazilescu, Cornelia Novac-Ududec, Daniela Şarpe, Mihaela Neculiţă

Risk of Competition in Crisis Conditions

Marcela-Cornelia Danu

Human Error and Organizational Management

Alecxandrina Deaconu, Lavinia Raşcă

Consideration Regarding Diagnosis Analyze of Corporate Management

Mihaela Ciopi Oprea

IT&C during the Crisis

Valerica Mareş, Marius Daniel Mareş

Aspects of Working Force Occupancy

Roxana Mihaela Pivodă

Financial Crisis Effects on Romanian Economy

Magdalena Dediu

Investor’s Perception of Value Creation in Environmental Strategies: The Impact of Past Environmental Performance on Future Stock Market Returns

Claudia Nicoleta Borsan

The Legal and Accounting Dimension of Pawn

Iuliana Cenar

The Dividend Politics of Romanian Enterprises

Cristina-Alina Verişan, Georgeta Achimescu

Quality - a Factor for Competitiveness Improvement for Small and Medium Enterprises

Ion Ionita, Florin Popescu, Ioan Done, Jean Andrei, Mirela Matei, Jonel Subic

The Analysis of the Tourist Circulation Manifested in the Constanta County during 2005 – 2008

Daniela Simona Nenciu, Mirela Secară

How to Be a Good Entrepreneur in Our Days? Just Follow an Excellent Business Plan!

Emilia Ungureanu, Felix-Constantin Burcea

A Provocation for Quality Product

Hasan Gökkaya, Gratiela Dana Boca

Impact of the Global Crisis on the Financial Linkages between the Stock Market and the Foreign Exchange Market from Romania

Razvan Stefanescu, Ramona Dumitriu

The Financial Diagnosis – Component of the Global Diagnosis and Instrument of the Financial Analysis

Ştefăniţă Şuşu, Mihaela Bîrsan

Design Mechanism as Territorial Strategic Capability

Gianita Bleoju, Lacramioara Fotache

New Trends in Sports Management – Reengineering

Claudiu Mereuţă, Elena Mereuţă

Transnational Corporations - Key Enablers Globalization

Gabriel Croitoru, Vasile Cumpănaşu, Irina Olimpia Susanu

The Necessity for the Modernization of the Technical-Material Base of Agricultural Exploitations within the Process of Forming Competition-Economy

Viorica Ioan, Monica Susanu, Săftica Enachi, Florina Oana Vîrlănuţă

Employees Misbehaviour: Formes, Causes and What Management Should do to Handle With

Edit Lukács, Gheorghe Negoescu, Sofia David

Competitiveness of Romania’s South-East Region in the European Context

Mihaela-Carmen Muntean, Costel Nistor, Rozalia Nistor

Installing, Configuring and Implementing an SMF in Joomla

Maria Cristina Enache

Elaboration of Marketing Strategies and Programs Through the Integration of the Sustainable Development’s Objectives

Adrian Micu, Angela-Eliza Micu, Nicoleta Cristache, Sofia Totolici

Perspectives on Knowledge Management Models

Dragoş Sebastian Cristea, Alexandru Căpaţînă

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