2018 - No. 3

Using Artificial Intelligence on Social Media’s User Generated Content for Disruptive Marketing Strategies in eCommerce

Marius GERU, Angela Eliza MICU, Alexandru CAPATINA, Adrian MICU

A Segmentation-based Determination of Factors Influencing Women’s Labour Force Participation

Inamdar NIRAD

Analysis of Working Capital, ROA and Business Turnover for Firms in the FMCG, Manufacturing and Infrastructure Sectors in India


Factors Influencing the Purchase Intention and Actual Purchase behaviour of Organic Food in Urban India

Rajvaidya RALSTON, Wankhede ABHA

The Relationship between Infrastructure and Economic Development – Case of Kosovo

Konxheli Radoniqi DRITA

Study of Relationship between Large-Cap Equity Funds Returns in India and Benchmark Returns

Sanjiwani Jayant KUMAR, Hitesh PUNJABI, Ashish MAHADIK

The Role of Risk to the International Controlled Transactions

Constantinos CHALLOUMIS

International Commerce – Development Factor in China and India

Mihaela NECULITA, Daniela Ancuta SARPE

Exploring the FDI Impact on Currency Devaluation


Designing an Application for the Public Transport Management


Identifying Customer Churn Patterns with Rough Sets

Yingzhi YANG, Xiaolin QI, Shuo SUN, Zhen WANG, Hui JIANG, Joohwan SUNG

Comparison of Depreciation Methods in “International Accounting Standard 16 Property, Plant and Equipment” and an Application

Mustafa KIRLI

Developing the Scale to Measure Employer Attractiveness

Diwakar PURI

Artificial Intelligence as a New Factor of Global Economic Growth


The Rural Space - Support in Developing and Diversifying the Tourist Activities through Cultural and Economic Convergence

Ionica SOARE

Reputational Banking Risks through Offshore Transactions: Benefits of Neuro-Management

Ciprian MANEA, Alina PARINCU

Identification of Significant Economic Risks to the International Controlled Transactions

Constantinos CHALLOUMIS

The Leadership of the Driving Forces Focused on the High-Tech Sphere, Between the United States of America and Germany

Gabriela OPAIT

The Role of Public Opinion and the Mass-Media in Successfully Running of a Public Relations Campaign

Anca-Jarmila GUTA

Challenges and Limits of the Criminal Judicial Accounting Expertise. Analysis of the Expertise Effects upon the Criminal Cases

Riana Iren RADU, Iuliana Oana MIHAI, Andrei-Mirel FLOREA

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July 2024

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