2011 - No. 1

The Effect of Exchange Rate and Inflation on Foreign Direct Investment and Its Relationship with Economic Growth in Nigeria

Alex Ehimare Omankhanlen

Vulnerability of Senegal’s South Coast: Perspectives with the Climate Change’s Context

Cheikhou Oumar Ndiaye, Alioune Kane, Violeta Puscasu, Adrien Coly

Romanian Public Expenditures Policy during the Economic Crisis

Anca-Ştefania Sava

The Relasionship among Quality and Structure of Social Capital and Organizational. Entrepreneurship: a Case Study at Mazinoor Lighting Company

Hassan Darvish

Knowledge Management System and User Modeling

Cornelia Novac Ududec, Vasile Mazilescu

Considerations on Integrating Risk and Quality Management

Maria Popescu, Adina Dascălu

The Effects of the Reform Process and Accession to EU Structures on Land Improvement and Irrigations

Otilia-Rica Man

Aspects Regarding the Leasing Cost

Teodor Hada

A Review of Factors for Tax Compliance

Nicoleta Bărbuţă-Mişu

Fundamental Causes of Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Overcoming. The Logical Core of Market Economy: How We Subvert It

Vladimír Vrecion

Propagation of Financial Tensions from Developed Economies to Emerging Economies

Mihaela-Carmen Muntean, Costel Nistor, Rozalia Nistor, Paolo Panico

The Influence of the Economic Crisis on EU Financial Regulations Changes

Dana Mihaela Murgescu

Prospects of Turkish Organic Food Sector: Some Suggestions Improving the Market

Sinan Nardali, Funda Gencler

Assessing and Increasing the Competitiveness of Republic of Moldova Wine Sector

Liudmila Antohi

The Origins of the Global Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Romanian Economy

Corina Sbughea

Institutional Mechanisms Enabling SME’s Competitive Position

Gianita Bleoju

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July 2024

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