2010 - No. 2

Gender Differences in Computer Ethics among Business Administration Students

Ali Acilar, Durmuş Yörük

Fuzzy Dynamic Discrimination Algorithms for Distributed Knowledge Management Systems

Vasile Mazilescu

Financial Markets Interactions between Economic Theory and Practice

Mihaela Nicolau

Foreign Direct Investments and Human Capital Development in Subsaharan Africa

Luc Nembot Ndeffo

The crisis impact on the labour market

Simona Valeria Toma, Daniela Ancuta Sarpe

The relation between the consumer’s knowledge and the browsing behavior

Rym Bouzaabia, Imène Salem

The need to adapt to new financial accounting technologies information in the context of global

economic crisis

Enrique Bonsón-Ponte, Ioan Andone, Adrian Lupaşc, Ioana Lupaşc

Financial Shortages Patterns - An Overview on Emerging Economies

Ioana-Veronica Alexa, Gabriel-Iulian Dajbog

The Substitution and the Revenue Effects for a Cobb-Douglas Utility Function

Catalin Angelo Ioan, Gina Ioan

Past and Future in the Evolution of US Policy in the Field of Competition

Eduard Ionescu

Building Successful Information Systems - a Key for Successful Organization

Doina Roşca, Logica Bănică, Mirela Sîrbu

Structural and Qualitative Analysis of the Romanian banking system

Anişoara Niculina Apetri, Iuliana Oana Mihai, Camelia Catalina Mihalciuc

Statistical Analysis through Factors Path Method

Gabriela Opait

The Influence of the Statistics in the Achievement of the Models of Training for to Develop the Coordination

Aurelian Dragan

Relevant results of fish consumer benefits and food safety

Gianita Bleoju, Aida Vasile

Central Banks' Involvement in Encouraging Economic Education and Literacy

Marius Constantin Apostoaie

The relationship between the current world crisis and global imbalances

Rozalia Nistor, Costel Nistor, Mihaela-Carmen Muntean

Analysis of the Industry Potential in Republic of Moldova

Larisa Bugaian, Maria Gheorghita, Doina Nistor

Risk Analysis of the Romanian Banking System – an Aggregated Balance Sheet Approach

Eugen Mitrică, Liliana Moga, Andrei Stănculescu

Equalization of the Budget Incomes in the Administrative-Territorial Structures

Nicolae Balalia, Constantin Afanase

State Debt of the Republic of Moldova as Essential Factor of the Country Risk

Rodica Hîncu, Ana Suhovici, Mariana Bunu, Ana Gumovschi, Daniela Dascaliuc, Marcelina Roşca

Romanians’ Public Debts Saga

Monica Susanu

Integration Perspectives of the Communication Management Within Organizations’ Policy

Nicoleta Cristache, Irina Susanu, Adrian Micu, Angela Eliza Micu

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July 2024

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