2016 - No. 3

An Analysis of the Tourist Competitiveness in Switzerland, the United States and Romania

Georgiana Daniela BĂDICU, Violeta-Andreea ANDREIANA

Conceptual Development of Ecological Accounting in Business Administration

Mustafa KIRLI, Sibel Aybarç BURSALIOĞLU

Barriers in Sustainable Knowledge Management Model in Education

Gratiela Dana BOCA, Lindita MUKAJ

The Importance of Managerial Communication in the Activity of a Firm

Marcel Laurentiu ROMANESCU

The Cost of Economic Growth in Turkey: Unavoidable Increase in Current Deficit

Emine Türkan AYVAZ GÜVEN

Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Lending Activity of Banks in Romania

Elena-Violeta DRĂGOI, Larisa Elena PREDA

The Study on Self Financing Capacity within a Firm

Anca-Jarmila GUŢĂ

The Evolution and Influence of Direct and Indirect Factors on the Economic Rate of Return

Mihaela Loredana ECOBICI

The Gourmet Festivals in Romania – Way to Promote Tradition in the Rural Area and of Stable Development through Tourism

Ionica SOARE

Remarks on Interest Rate Risk Management

Elena-Violeta DRĂGOI, Oana-Mihaela ILIE

Statistical Analysis of the Correlation between the Happy Planet Index and the Gross Domestic Product per Capita, in Romania

Gabriela OPAIT

European Globalisation Adjustment Fund-Assistance in the Labour Market

Ramona Mariana CĂLINICĂ, Viorica IOAN

Globalization and Global Integration

Costel DIMA, Mihaela NECULITA, Daniela Ancuta SARPE

Optimisation of Studies Designed to Diagnose Companies using Econometric Models based on Subtle Sets

Ion IONITA, Alice SOARE, Adelina GRAPA, Costel SERBAN

Influence of Organizational Culture on Company Performances

Marcel Laurentiu ROMANESCU

Do Technology Spillovers Accelerate Performance of Firms? Unravelling a Puzzle from Indian Manufacturing Industry

Awadhesh Pratap SINGH

The Standard of Living and the Satisfaction of the Ideal Job, the Perceptions of the Well-Being and Happiness in Romania

Gabriela OPAIT

Issues Regarding Operational Risk Modeling in Banking Units


Impact of Contemporary Crisis on the European Union's and United States of America’s Economies


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