2016 - No. 2

Challenges of the Central Banks in the Post Crisis Period when Needed to Ensure the Financial Stability

Anisoara Niculina APETRI, Camelia Catalina MIHALCIUC, Oana Iuliana MIHAI

Financial CEMATT Method: a New Approach for Performance Assessment using Accounting Information

Teodor HADA, Nicoleta BĂRBUŢĂ-MIŞU, Teodora Maria AVRAM

Theoretical Considerations on the Organisation of Banking Supervision and Internal Banking Control

Loredana CIURLĂU, Loredana Mihaela LĂPĂDUŞI

Consolidating an Institution’s Image using Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns

Silvia Elena IACOB, Mihaela Loredana BĂDINA (RĂDULESCU)

Analysis of the Interdependence between Basic Metals Productions and the Industries that use them in European Union

Gabriela BUŞAN, Irina Elena CHIRTOC Nicolae ECOBICI, Doru CÎRNU

Board Composition and Firm Performance: Evidence from BIST 100 Companies in Turkey


Consumption and Standard of Living

Cecilia Elena VĂDUVA

The Evolution of Romania's Market Stability and Performance Indicators of the Life Insurance Sector

Maria Mirabela FLOREA IANC

Economic Risk Assessment Taking Into Account the Volume Oscillator Indicators

Loredana Mihaela LĂPĂDUŞI

Development of Agrotouristical Sector in Romania

Irina Elena CHIRTOC, Gabriela BUŞAN

Customers Demographics Influence on Usage of Retail Banking Channels

Neha GUPTA, Vandana Tandon KHANNA

The Risk Assessment of the Firm Activity Using the Operating Lever

Anca-Jarmila GUŢĂ

Throughput Accounting in Strategic Cost Management: An Application

Mustafa KIRLI

Towards an Agile Approach in Academic Software Development - A Case Study

Logica BANICA, Magdalena RADULESCU, Alina HAGIU

Penetration and Insurance Density Market in Romania Compared to other Countries in the European Union

Maria Mirabela FLOREA IANC

Consumption and the Consumer


The Cost of Medical Services per Patient and the Efficiency of Hospital Care Activity – an Insight from the Romanian Hospitals

Violeta ISAI, Riana Iren RADU

Improving Verbal Communication from the Perspective of the Use of Organizational Voice and Silence

Mircea Constantin DUICA, Nicoleta Valentina FLOREA, Anisoara DUICA

How the Projects Implemented by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration Have Impacted on the Strategies to Reform Public Administration

Mădălina-Elena MIHĂILESCU

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July 2024

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